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Join the Pentapus Knit Along!

Many years ago, when my kids were still small, I knit up a tiny little octopus just for fun.
But because I’m a whimsical creature, I knit him with five feet instead of eight.

My kids were immediately IN LOVE.

They took Pentapus out into the yard on adventures.
They made movies of him.
They cut reams of paper into tiny little hats and tiny swords so that Pentapus could become a pirate.

But if you asked them, I don’t think they could have told you that he was supposed to be an octopus.
They didn’t care WHAT he was.
He was just Pentapus.
And he needed to go on adventures!

Now my kids are great big teenagers and I think it’s finally time that Pentapus got to have adventures ALL OVER THE WORLD!

Please help us out by knitting your OWN Pentapus and sending us photos of his adventures in YOUR town.