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Pumpkin Harvest has Arrived

OK, if Starbucks has already released their Pumpkin Spice goodies, it MUST be time for fall! I must admit, there’s not much “pumpkin spice” anything I love (except for their super yummy pumpkin scones that, really, let’s be honest, have more of a gingerbread feel) but the fresh Pumpkin Harvest in the shop this week has me swooning!

Pumpkin Harvest pulls together all the most perfect shades of brown, orange, green, and blue and melds them together into one delectable hank of yarn that will have you looking for the hay bales in the pumpkin patch so you can sit awhile and stitch. Not only are these the most perfect shades together, but the colors just shine even brighter with the addition of the pin-prick speckles for which Carolyn is becoming a legend.

We’ve got this glorious colorway on multiple bases (it is ahhh-mazzing on the The Beast!) and also have it available in our expanded sock sets! Choose either the fingering or DK weight on the sock sets, or both! Each hank of Pumpkin Harvest is accompanied in the sock set with a mini of the coordinating shades of Queen of Tarts and Words of Wisdom. Which, incidentally brings us to the next new item in the shop: Words of Wisdom! This aquamarine-esque colorway is again, really made resplendent with those pin-prick speckles I mentioned earlier.

Our little fall-loving hearts are going to be pumping this week as these shades are just absolutely delicious. I’m actually envisioning a sweater now of Potato Peel Pie as the main with Pumpkin Harvest as the colorwork. Wouldn’t it be divine?

Birthday Club for 2023 is proving to be super popular. We love how so many of you are ordering NOW so you don’t get left out! What a fab gift to yourself or for that special fiberista in your life.  Check it out and order now so you can tick that bit off your To Do list.

CocoKnits has just recently released two new items as part of their Sweater Care Line, the Sweater Care Brush and Super Absorbent Towel. We adore their products and love carrying them in the shop!

Be sure to tune in this Saturday morning to our LIVE! to see all the yummy yarn and hear more about what’s coming up. We can’t wait! You can find us on YouTube.