August 19, 2022

Woolen, Wild & Free

  • Skeins of various speckled, variegated and tonal browns, worn leather,grey and tan colors. A sign that says “woolen wild and free. A project bag with various horses on the fabric and various horse charms with sugar cube, cowgirl hat and apple accessories to match.
  • White, grey, speckled brown and gold, deep leather browns and mahogany skeins of yarn.
  • A knitting jewelry set with a brown spotted horse, a tan cowgirl hat and a sugar cube.
  • A drawstring project bag with tan fabric on the bottom and horses running on the top with a light blue backdrop.
  • Various gradient shades of yellow, blue,green, orange and reds.
  • White,grey, and green skeins with various variegated skeins of blue and greens.

Shop our brand new rugged and rough equine collection!

The collection was inspired by the beauty, freedom and ruggedness of the horseback riding trails, wild horses and more. It’s perfect for transitioning into the fall with deep hues of wood tones, leather and tack gear.

SamsTinyTrinkets has outdone herself making customizable horse fiber arts jewelry sets that really bring these colorways to life. Store your yarny goodies in an adorable “feed bag” sock sack that mom made. Make it a complete Wild and Free set and get your fall knitting started in the most beautiful way!