June 9, 2022

Dominion Shop Update

  • Six skeins of yarn in a khaki green, cream speckled with orange and pink, a dusty yellow, orange and brown, cream layered with orange and brown, a teal blue variegated and a soft pink layered with blue and tan.
  • Three skeins of variegated yarn layered with khaki green, tans and cream.
  • Three skeins of soft cream yarn with soft speckles of orange, pink and brown.
  • Three skeins of variegated yarn with layers of dusty yellow, persimmon, jeans blue and sand.
  • Three skeins of golden cream yarn with layers of soft brown and golden orange speckles.
  • Three skeins of a teal blue variegated yarn with grey hues.

Dinosaur fans are rejoicing this weekend as the epic conclusion to the Jurassic Park films concludes with Dominion, and Maggie of Yarnaceous Fibers couldn’t resist a themed collection to celebrate! I Always Come Back, Ecological Disaster, Don’t Move, Hold Onto Somebody, Eternal Nothingness and You Comin, or What? are available June 10th at 10 a.m. MST with a 3-6 week preorder! Snag your favorites now or all six themed colorways for your favorite future knits on four bases!

April 8, 2022

Yarnaceous Fibers Spring Flowers Cast On in Collaboration with Charmedology

Circle image including slate dinosaur with flowers upon its back on a peach background, circle image with floral buds on a branch, and text on a gray background.

Sarah and Maggie have brought you another amazing Cast On Set and this time they are celebrating Spring, May and the glorious flowers that start flourishing in the Northern hemisphere! Each set includes a 100-gram skein of yarn or 120-gram sock set and a special edition themed dinosaur polymer marker exclusive to this set created by Charmedology (previously Pacific Moon Knits). Perfect for a spring cast-on or as a gift to yourself for Mother’s Day (we see you mom’s of pets, flowers and little humans).

Each set is a mystery and will be gift wrapped for you to open at your leisure for a fun surprise! Colorway is inspired by spring and the images pictured. Each Cast On Set ships on or around May 2, 2022.