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Starting off on the ‘Road to Rhinebeck’

Maria of the Subway Knits podcast and blog is on the Road to Rhinebeck
Maria of the Subway Knits podcast and blog is on the Road to Rhinebeck

Around this time last year, when I first started organizing the 2014 Rhinebeck Trunk Show, I got in touch with Maria of the Subway Knits podcast. I had just started getting into knitting podcasts, which I discovered were perfect to listen to when I wanted to work on projects away from the TV, and here was one that was produced just across the river from me in Astoria, Queens!

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Maria and I first met for a delicious lunch at Taverna Kyklades, a Greek restaurant in her neighborhood and, in between chatting about sweater knitting and traveling, and bites of grilled calamari, hatched the plans for her Road to Rhinebeck series. In advance of the trunk show that kicked off the weekend of the festival, Maria ended up doing podcast and blog interviews with several of last year’s vendors.

Well, it’s time to start off on this year’s Road to Rhinebeck and the first “stop” is none other than… Indie Untangled! Maria asked me all about starting Indie Untangled, how my idea for a little trunk show turned into a pretty big event, and about my experience being photographed for Humans of New York. I hope you enjoy it (and please realize that it was very hard to answer the question about my favorite dyers — the ones are mentioned are only a small fraction of my favorites) and be sure to keep reading and listening to Subway Knits!


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