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IU FOs: Drops of Honey

lisaKC Drops

Janina Kallio’s Drops of Honey, which she designed for the Indie Untangled Where We Knit yarn club, is available for sale to the general knitting public today, so I thought it was the perfect time to post the beautiful FOs that have been made by club members. That’s mine above, with my Maryland Sheep & Wool 2015 Jennie the Potter mug, and I can’t wait to show off at the festival on Saturday!

While the pattern matches perfectly with the Lakes Yarn and Fiber Drops of Honey colorway, which Ami dyed up exclusively for the club, this simple, elegant shawl would be perfect in almost any hue.

Hanna/Mayanaea's Drops of Honey
Hanna/Mayanaea’s Drops of Honey
Debby/debbyv's Drops of Honey
Debby/debbyv’s Drops of Honey
Amber/amberfscott's Drops of Honey
Amber/amberfscott’s Drops of Honey
Marci/mph58's Drops of Honey
Marci/mph58’s Drops of Honey
Peggy/psab's Drops of Honey
Peggy/psab’s Drops of Honey
Martha/marthamini's Drops of Honey
Martha/marthamini’s Drops of Honey
Karen/quiltbaker's Drops of Honey, with added beads
Karen/quiltbaker’s Drops of Honey, with added beads


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