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Claire’s Cabinet | Women’s History Month

Celebrating Women’s History Month, the Woolen Women have created “Claire’s Cabinet,” inspired by the brave Claire Beecham in Outlander. Pioneering medicine in both the past and the present, her journey through the stones in two timelines reminds us of both the struggles and the limitations women overcame to pave an ever-winding path of knowledge and contribution to the science and medical field.

Boxes include seven 20g minis and an adorable sheep lotion bar, with options to add on a project bucket bag, a variety of SamsTinyTrinkets -all hand made!

Being a scientist myself and now a full-time creative with a women-owned and operated handmade business, I find it is imperative we celebrate the history of women and all the broken glass ceilings over the years. I found that as I pursued and gained my doctorate, I felt a responsibility and a sense of hope and pride that I was a woman who was part of the ever-changing and growing science field. It gave me the courage to start my business and to reach for anything I wanted to do. Today I work with the two most inspiring women to me: first, my mommy, @aggiedecarloknits, who overcame many medical obstacles, raised children and now, despite pain and limitations, still creates and makes her beautiful bags. Second, my twin, who plays the many roles of mom, full-time creative and full-time business owner, wife and so much more. Together we are The Woolen Women and with each passing color, collection and podcast, I can feel history being made.

Celebrate women and all they do this Women’s History Month! Shop small, shop women-owned.