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Let the Mystery Unravel!

Preorders end first week in August!

This year-long KAL will include a mystery each month of a whodunit, with colors and charms depicting your favorite girl detective in her many mysteries each month!

We will be knitting the Stitch in Time Blanket by The BakeryBears (Kay F Jones)!

Crochet? We will be completing the blanket of calm by Casapinka with a few modifications — a border on the blanket at the end and we will be doing 108 squares to match the amount of squares in the knit blanket.

Rules will be posted on our instagram bio!

Each Month’s shipment:

*Nine 10g micro skeins
80/20 SW Merino/nylon 40yds/10g

*A set of two SamsTinyTrinkets charms (IF YOU CHOOSE THIS OPTION)

*A card with the month’s mystery

*A pattern code for 20% off the Stitch in Time Blanket by The BakeryBears Kay F Jones

Your first shipment will include an extra goodie and will ship in August. Your recurring charges for the year will begin on September 1st and charge every 1st of the month for 1 year. changes must be made two weeks before the 1st of each month.

WHEN: KAL kicks off September 22nd and runs for one year. Your first box will ship at the end of August and each box after will ship at the end of each month.

IMPORTANT: You will need two full 100g skeins in our 80/20 SW Merino/nylon base for borders. These should be added on to your first box if you’d like to knit the borders as you go. A drop down menu is there to add these on.

If you’d like to knit all borders at the very end (when you are done with your mitered squares) toward the end of the KAL- they can be added on then. Totally up to you.

Prize donations will be revealed as we go through the year- We already have a variety of goodies from so many talented makers which we reveal on our lives 12pm ET Wednesday and Fridays on Instagram.

Choose your skin tone so that each month your SamsTinyTrinkets character charm will be as beautiful as you! If you do not choose default is skin tone 6.

RULES for the KAL;

Your minis will be labeled 1-9

Each mini skein is a “clue” — When you knit up a mitered square, scratch off the coordinating numbered clue in your detective sheet and post a photo on Instagram of your square using the hashtag #letthemysteryunravelkal2023 (Do not worry about revealing the clue on the detective sheet online, this is solely based on knitting the mitered squares during the month — the revealed clues are for the fun of unraveling the mystery only). If you get all nine clues revealed in a given month you are entered for a prize each month in addition to grand prizes at the end. The winner will receive their prizes with a two-week processing time from the time the winner (the monthly detective) is announced on the Zoom parties.

You must finish the blanket (borders included) to be entered for grand prizes by September 22, 2024.

Who Dun it Zoom (monthly) parties:

Announcement of the “monthly” detective: if you are not present we will post it and you will need to reach out to us for your shipping information.

Join us monthly to step into the shoes of your favorite girl detective as we take you on a virtual adventure, playing the Nancy Drew PC game, as you help us unravel the mystery and solve the case! (This will be PC gameplay that you will be able to see in real time as we work together to solve the mystery.) We will announce the game we are playing in late August and Zooms will occur monthly. You can just watch the mystery unfold with us or participate in detective decisions!

*Patrons get extra goodies for the monthly win (can include any of the following: bags, candles, notions, yarn, etc.)

*Patrons get the blanket pattern for free

*Vote on the gameplay for Zoom parties

Non-patrons: monthly detective prize will consist of the colorway of the month (100g skein) and a SamsTinyTrinkets trinket dish, special coupon code for the shop!