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WINTER MOOD – a crossover bases collection + dedicated jewel stitch markers

Approaching the beginning of winter, we had almost three weeks of recurring storms, heavy snow and freezing winds, that made us dive into our woollies and stay home mostly knitting and dyeing. As it often happens, we get to have ideas when we are at work at the pots, watching our colors develop… and this time we came to a sort of mood-palette that grew in our minds: our Winter Palette, made of a selection of shades that reckon with this dark and cold season coming.

We wanted to insert all the colors that would lovely match our mood and that could be used together in cozy project. To do so, we took a few recipes from one base, and dyed them over others, mixing up our current array of shades.

We played this game only on our fingering hand-dyed bases, A Chic and A Heavenly Blend, so that you can use them both in a pattern requiring the same gauge.

But we’re not finished yet! We added to the shop limited edition stitch markers that are hand moulded by our talented friend Carla @laboratorioindie, with whom we already collaborated for a club and Advents. She created four super cute figures perfect to jump into our Winter Mood, made in copper, brass and aluminum.

All sets and the Winter Mood palette will be available in our Shop starting from:

!!Plus, in the shop you’ll find a few copies of the lovely Yedra Knits – ISSUE 1, that contains many awesome patterns and the gorgeous Cornelius sweater featuring our A Chic Blend Nubi!!

A few useful notes:
All yarns, magazines and markers are ready to ship unless they sell out. Shipping runs regularly to the U.S. and Canada, though it may take longer due to the pandemic situation, but we’ll keep track of each parcel in case you need help.

Yarns featured in the Winter Mood palette are:

A Heavenly Blend: 50g – 225m per skein, 50% Aquilana Wool – 25% alpaca – 25% cashmere, hand dyed.
A Chic Blend: 50g – 225m per skein, 60% wool – 20% alpaca – 20% mohair, hand dyed.

All our yarns contain italian fibres, and are minimally processed in a small chain production, nylon free and non-Superwash.