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What to stash this week: Slipped stitches that slap

A book cover titled "Mosaic Knitting Workshop."

Designer Ashleigh Wempe’s first-ever published book, Mosaic Knitting Workshopis a comprehensive guide to this colorful technique. It ships on June 6 and is available to preorder now. 

Three skeins of light cream yarn with multi-colored speckles.

Carolyn and Michelle of Olive & Two Ewe Studios have been binging Extraordinary Attorney Woo on Netflix and have three brand new colorways inspired by the show.

A skein splashed in Easter pastels with a blue mini, a ln Easter egg purple trinket dish and Peter cottonail-inspired character charms.

Andrea of WoolenWomenFibers is ready for spring with a collection that includes an Easter-inspired Here Comes Peter Cottontail set. 

Three cute cat paw pad silicone knitting needle point protectors. One in orange, one is a calico, and one is black.

Prevent your stitches from slinking away off your needles with these cute cat paw silicone point protectors from Jillian of WeeOnes.

Light pink yarn with pops of red, yellow, green and purple.

Stitch Stuff Yarn has some bright new colorways available on a variety of bases. 

Shiny teal and purple open scissors with silver blades.

Dawn of Twice Sheared Sheep has new Stardust Rainbow embroidery scissors available, to add some fun to your notions pouch.


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