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What to stash this week: Updates and intros


Suzanne of Groovy Hues Fibers has a shop stocked full of awesomeness, including I Don’t Need Saving, her new Arya-inspired colorway that’s dyed to order, and Some Like It Hot kits that come with a spicy project bag and chili pepper stitch markers from Otterly Adorable Knits and sock yarn in Suzanne’s Buffalo Wing and Celery colorways. If that tempts you, you get 10% off of any Groovy Hues order with the code UNTANGLED10.


IU newcomer Luba runs Blind Buck Farm in Salem, New York, specializing in unusual fiber blends. All yarn comes from the farm’s 25 purebred Angora goats, 30 Merino sheep, four Leicester Longwool sheep and seven Angora rabbits.


You don’t have to wait until Christmas to wear Laura’s newest pattern. The lace tee is inspired by Violet Bick, the flirty character in Frank Capra’s holiday classic, It’s A Wonderful Life, and looks perfect for the summer.

You might want to keep tabs on The Wooliers, a new yarn company that two sisters are launching this fall, sourcing fiber from local and ethical farms. 


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