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The shop has been updated with three 100% BFL aran, two BFL/nylon sock and two North Ronaldsay lace weight skeins.

The lace weight is a new base for me – and is 100% British heritage wool. North Ronaldsay wool is pretty rare, but is a lovely strong, sturdy lace perfect for lace shawls. Both of the colourways are Robot Unicorn Attack II-themed. Veil of Wrath is a lovely goth blend of purple, lilac and deep black, while Celestial Resonator is a blended mix of blues and purples. Both are inspired by unicorn body parts from the game, so I guess a little morbid gothness is right!

I’ve also restocked Team Rainbow – which seems to sell within the same day every time I restock! It’s one of my favourite colourways, I love how the white space blends with the bright colours and I love that it’s showing Team Rainbow pride!

Cotton Candy is a new colourway for me – and is inspired by a 1980s My Little Pony. It feels odd to be using the American word rather than candy floss, but I’m going with the My Little Pony name! This is shaping up to be one of my favourite colorways – both to dye and the finished product. It’s also available in 100% BFL aran.

I’ve also added a pretty special skein – based on a myth about Pink Floyd’s Dark Side of the Moon. Rumours are flying about that it was designed to be played alongside The Wizard of Oz. I’m not sure how true the rumours are – but it made a pretty unusual yarn – Dark Side of the Rainbow!

Finally, I’ve added a couple of semi-solid colours. Both are inspired by myth and legend – which seems only right considering I am the CRYPTOzoologist!

Firstly there’s Gorgeia – inspired by the Greek legend about the origin of coral. And finally there’s Kelpie, inspired by the Celtic myth about tiny little water spirits.

All are currently available in the shop!

Game of Thrones Season 4 has come to a close and if you are like me, the withdrawal has already started. It’s the only show on TV that I find so completely enthralling that I don’t knit while watching it. A year is just too long to wait for next season!

After my Mother of Dragons shawl pattern was released, Miss Babs and I started collaborating to create a series of Game of Thrones-inspired designs. I’ve been having a hard time containing my excitement and not letting the Direwolf out of the bag! There will be two more patterns coming out this year and the next one is being released on Monday, June 30, and will be available in my Ravelry Pattern Shop. The third in the series will be coming out later in the fall, so you will have plenty of time to get this one knitted up before the next release!

The latest design, Night’s Watch, is an effortless one-skein garter stitch triangle shawlette in Miss Babs Yummy 2-Ply in the Coffee Break colorway. I have included both charted and written instructions and the pattern is easy to memorize, which makes this a perfect knit night project. I’ve included some fun Game of Thrones graphics and a few other surprises in the pattern layout that I hope you will enjoy.

Available in my Ravelry Pattern Shop on June 30.

Oh my Glob, this is club is going BABIES!

We are having way too much fun in the office picking out super cool Adventure Time inspired knitting & crochet items! This is a small-run limited club, so try to get over to the site at 9am PST this morning (Friday June 27th) and grab up your favorite supplies before they are sent off into the Nightosphere.

P.S. You gotta check out our BMO Stitch Kit- it’s mathmatical!

I feel like I’ve been waiting *forever* to announce this!

Knit Now has just released their June issue – 36 – so you can now get your sock-knitting fix with the beautiful Chalcot Sock pattern designed by Anita Grahn in my lofty TWIST – 100% superwash British Bluefaced Leicester. These beauties feature braids on both sides and my TWIST’s long staple, hardwearing fibre is perfect for spongy, long-wearing socks.

To celebrate the release, I’ve dyed up many hues in the blend, along with more of the Macho Mint colour used in the sample…all will go on sale in the shop update this Friday, June 27th at 5 p.m. GMT.

Join us then!

| sock photos © Dan Walmsley for Practical publishing |

The shop has been updated to include a pair of 100% British BFL Aran-weight skeins.

The first is called Carbuncle, named after Final Fantasy 8’s adorable little green pixie pal who you can summon to protect your party. He’s such a cute little scamp I couldn’t not dye a colourway inspired by him. And as it turns out, it looks beautiful — the blue and turquoise meld perfectly, while the red adds a pretty cool pop.

The second skein is inspired by the insidious Team Inferno from Robot Unicorn Attack II. My husband (who is in Team Inferno), pointed out that I have a Team Rainbow colourway… so it’s only fair I include a Team Inferno. I’m torn up upside, although I bleed rainbow for my team, this skein is PRETTY. It’s a blend of fiery colours inspired by hellfire and smouldering coals.

The BFL base takes colour beautifully, and just glows in the sunlight, and I’m proud to be supporting the British wool trade. These skeins (and all of the yarn I sell) were spun in my home county, which just fills me with pride.

After a lot of shopping bases and swatching I’ve finally chosen a Superwash Merino Sport Weight Base which I’m calling Myrtle Sport. It’s 330 yards of squishy soft 3 ply and will retail for $19/113 gram skein. I have just a few colors in this update, but I’m always happy to do custom orders and this yarn is one that is sticking around. Also included in this update is a smattering of Single Fingering and Silk Single Fingering. The Lakes Yarn Shop will be updated on June 24th at 8 p.m. Pacific time.

Here’s a logo bag status update: Vicki and I have sold out of the first run of 10 Belle bags, and there are still three Snapdragon pouches unclaimed that should be ready to ship out soon.

You can still place an order for a Belle or a Snap after the first batch is sold, though Vicki and I have been talking about using a different fabric for the lining and contrasting part of the bag in the next batch. She is thinking of using either the turquoise, grey or white fabric with the tiny dots for the trim and the “leash.” Or, we might mix and match!

With all due apologies to NPR’s “Wait Wait … Don’t Tell Me,” I’ve launched a second giveaway to celebrate TCC’s 500th Etsy sale. I may not be able to help you get Carl Kassel’s voice on your answering machine, but I CAN give you a chance to win a rare, much-coveted, unused “Carl Kassel, Scorekeeper Emeritus” tote bag.

It’s easy, here’s what to do:
• HURRY HURRY … to TCC’s Facebook page for complete rules, prize announcement info, etc.
• DO TELL US about the most interesting thing in your tote bag or project bag. (Keep it suitable for family audiences, y’all!)

Don’t delay — contest ends Saturday, June 21, 2014 at 10:00 am EDT

Winner will receive a very special limited edition “Carl Kassel, Scorekeeper Emeritus” canvas totebag; these bags were made and distributed at Carl’s final show at DC’s Warner Theater, 5/15/14.

Come on over to That Clever Clementine’s Facebook page, and play along!

I love video games. I could easily waste full days exploring fantasy worlds, and fighting strange beasts. SO, with that in mind, I wanted to dye some yarn inspired by two of my absolute favourite games to exist: Final Fantasy (specifically 8) and the Elder Scrolls (specifically Oblivion). So, without further ado, here they are!

Brothers is inspired by the Guardian Forces from Final Fantasy VIII, and is dyed purple, red-pink and brown. The Brothers are a surprisingly cute pair of Minotaurs, who team up together to play badass Stone, Paper, Scissors. I loved the quest to fight and get them — and it seemed only right to make a nice earthy, purply-red colourway inspired by them.

Tonberry is inspired by the Guardian Forces from Final Fantasy VIII, and is dyed yellow, green and brown. So, Tonberrys are adorable. Right. Even when they are shambling towards you, brandishing a chef knife ready to stab you in the belly. But, wait — look at the cute little turtle-face and sad little eyes. Awww.

Shiva is inspired by the Guardian Forces from Final Fantasy VIII, and is dyed yellow, turquoise, yellow, white and purple. Shiva was always my favourite summon in Final Fantasy, and I loved the progression of her throughout the games. I wanted to make an icy, but still colourful approximation of her colours.

Harcane Grove is inspired by The Elder Scrolls: Oblivion and is dyed blue, green and brown. Harcane Grove is a beautiful, quiet grove in Oblivion. Quiet except the for brutal Minotaurs and bloodthirsty unicorn that is. But how could I not make a yarn based on a place with a unicorn??

All of the above yarns are also on my brand new base, a lovely, soft, plump BFL Aran, perfect for making hats, gloves, shawls — anything you want really. Currently all are in stock in my shop.

In addition to this I also trialled a new type of base, Jacob DK. It is GORGEOUS. I’m completely in love, it’s so squishy and lofty. There’s just one skein of it in my shop at the moment, but there will be more added soon. For now, here’s the one, special skein.

And, last but not least, Moon Sugar is inspired by The Elder Scrolls: Oblivion and is dyed pink, grey and white.