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What to stash this week: Fall is coming


I don’t know about you, but I’m pretty psyched that fall is almost here (though I do need time to start my Rhinebeck sweater, so I’m hoping August doesn’t go by too fast). While I’ve loved knitting at outdoor concerts and in the park, I am also getting really inspired by all the fall colors that are popping up on the marketplace.

If you’re looking to put some sparkle in your fall wardrobe, Daphne of SixFingered Kitty has dyed up some semisolids with stellina (say that three times fast!), including this fall beauty called Pumpkin. For those of you who like your yarns a little less shiny, she’s adding some non-sparkle versions early next week.


June Pryce Fiber Arts has been gearing up for the fall with new, vibrant colorways like Tuscany and Zuri, and more relaxing ones, like Global and Granny Smith. And speaking of fall, June Pryce will be one of the fabulous vendors at the Indie Untangled pre-Rhinebeck trunk show taking place on Oct. 17 (the event page is regularly being update, so check out what’s new). While I’m not a spinner, I have my eye on their mini-skein gradient sets…


The Countess Ablaze Twelve Caesars Collection continues with yarns and fiber inspired by the Roman Emperor Galba (and which are also pretty fall-like). While Galba only lasted for eight months before being assassinated, there will be plenty of skeins and roving available when the update goes live on today at 7 p.m. BST.


Sarah’s Spindle just celebrated its six monthiversary and dyer Sarah recently joined Indie Untangled! Sarah’s colorful yarns are influenced by her years as a painter and inspired by the landscape of the Colorado Plateau and Northern Rockies. I can’t wait to learn a little more about her…


Oh my Gob! It’s yarn inspired by Adventure Time! The Cryptozoologist has Lumpy Space Princess and Princess Bubblegum colorways on her BFL/nylon unicorn sock base. They would go perfectly with what’s left from the Slipped Stitch Studios Citizens of Ooo Club.


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