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What to stash this week: If the sock fits…

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Light-skinned hands holding a white sock ruler with gray writing.

Sizing is a challenge for sock knitters, especially when you’re knitting socks for someone else. Even if they’re conveniently around, you don’t necessarily want them constantly trying on the WIP. Dawn of Twice Sheared Sheep has a new Sock Sizing Ruler. To use it, you place the ruler with the arrow snug into the heel or toe of your sock and knit until you reach the line for your desired size. Then, you begin working your toe or heel.


Seven skeins of pink, blue, green/orange, gray and gold hand-dyed yarn, placed in a star formation.

D&D players, take note: Megan of Critical Hit Dyes has released The Legend of Vox Machina Collection, based on the hit Amazon series and in honor of the release of its second season. The collection features seven new colorways inspired the characters and their creators, the cast of the Dungeons and Dragons podcast Critical Role.

Five skeins of yarn in gray, purple, and maroon.

Shelly of Daisy Stitch Co has created a yarn collection of five colorways inspired by Taylor Swift’s Midnights album. Plus, you can use the coupon code 10OFF for 10% off your purchase. 

Wild Hair Studio is having a batt sale.


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