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What to stash this week: Natural look

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Sarah’s been walking the backroads of her new hometown on the North Carolina coast with a pair of scissors and a basket to bring you her newest yarns. She’s made some subtle plant dyes with Queen Anne’s Lace and Red Cedar, Yarrow and Rosemary. Sarah has also been working on some new shibori dyed yarns.


If you want to be one with (brightly-colored) nature, then this is the yarn for you. Tami of Eternity Ranch Knits has partnered with Moon Shine Camo, creator of the popular pink Muddy Girl Camouflage pattern, to create colorways to match. The colors are available in 75/25 Merino/nylon fingering weight and superwash Merino DK.

Kettle Yarn Co June 12 update

You might also want to head on over to the Kettle Yarn Co. website. Linda had an update today that included more Westminster baby camel/silk and Islington DK in summer brights.


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