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hello and thank you for stopping by! Here on the Indie Untangled blog, you can figure out what to make with your latest stash acquisitions, learn about some talented fiber artisans and much, much more.

Getting crafty for fall

A couple of months ago, as I was starting to pull together the vendors for the pre-Rhinebeck Trunk Show, I was thinking about how I needed to get a banner and whether I should try out VistaPrint, when this crazy idea came to me somewhere around 1 in the morning (yes,…

A sweater expert’s advice on alternating skeins

Ed.’s note: When I knit a garment with hand-dyed yarn, I often waste a lot of time hemming and hawing before ultimately deciding to alternate. The one time I didn’t, with my Urban, it turned out beautifully, but I did consult with Expert Sweater Knitter Yelena Dasher before making that decision….

What to stash this week: Get ready for pumpkin season

The other day, before settling in at my local Starbucks to do some work, the friendly barista asked me if I wanted some sort of pumpkin cream cheese loaf with my iced tea. Now, I love pumpkin flavored stuff as much as the next person, but the sun was shining and temps were in the 80s — this was not a day for pumpkin spice (you might be “allowed” to eat pumpkin before Labor Day,…

Tag, I’m it!

I was planning to introduce you all to Yelena Malcolm’s fabulous knitting/style blog when I ran her next guest blog post, but she kindly tagged me in the Creative Blog Hop last Friday, so I’ll give you a bit of a head start….

What to stash this week: Squeeing for fall

I had a bit of a fangirl Squee this week when I confirmed the newest vendor for the Indie Untangled pre-Rhinebeck trunk show. Hold onto your hand-knit hats, because it’s none other than… Anne Hanson! Yes, this uber-talented designer will be bringing her Bare Naked Wools,…

What to stash this week: Get your yarn ball on

Thanks to the success of the Indie Untangled/That Clever Clementine collaboration and a couple of special requests, Vicki and I decided to expand the range of yarn ball logo goodies.

There are a few new additions to the IU/TCC “family,” including three new bag styles that are perfect for your medium- to large-sized projects….

Pigeonroof Studios giveaway winner

Thanks so much to everyone who participated in the Pigeonroof Studios giveaway. The winner is commenter #5, Stacey, who thinks a simple pattern is best for showcasing the skein of Silky High Twist Sock in Peacock:

I think a simple lacy shawl would be a great way to display your dying skills….

What to stash this week: Get cozy

So maybe, like me, you slacked a bit this week and didn’t get to snag anything in the latest Astral Bath update. But that’s OK. If you’re the type that’s more laid back, and you haven’t mastered the art of checking out on PayPal before someone even realizes that four skeins of Sorceress have disappeared from their cart,…

What to stash this week: Fall is coming

I don’t know about you, but I’m pretty psyched that fall is almost here (though I do need time to start my Rhinebeck sweater, so I’m hoping August doesn’t go by too fast). While I’ve loved knitting at outdoor concerts and in the park, I am also getting really inspired by all the fall colors that are popping up on the marketplace….

paper and yarn giveaway winner

The random number generator has spoken, and congratulations to Stacy, who will be getting a set of stitch markers from paper and yarn with two of the best four-letter words:

My three: aargh, wine?, oshit

In my experience,…

What to stash this week: homegrown

One of the things I really love about running this site is when a new-to-me dyer submits their first post. I click on their shop link and I’m just blown away by the color and creativity. This week there were two dyers who popped up on my radar as I was formulating my plan for this week’s newsletter….

Support your favorite indies at Rhinebeck!

Over the past few months, I’ve been plotting much more than the sweater(s) I’m going to debut at Rhinebeck and my plan of attack for minimizing time on the artichoke line. Ever the enabler, I have actually found a way to give you more great things to buy the weekend of the NY Sheep and Wool Festival……

What to stash this week: Indie dyer GoGo

Amy of Canon Hand Dyes started dyeing up literary- and pop culture-inspired, self-striping skeins in the kitchen of her home in the San Francisco Bay Area three years ago. Her recent releases — including colorways based on Babar, Downton Abbey and Wes Anderson films — have been incredibly popular,…

Untangling: Queen Bee Fibers

Lexi Parisse has been on a bit of a journey since starting her career in the NYC fashion industry years ago. While working as a design and sales consultant for knitting machine manufacturer Shima Seiki, Lexi took a drop spindle class and fell in love with the more hands-on process — enough to leave her job and go to work on a Long Island,…

Get in on the Indie Untangled summer swap!

Hands down, one of the best things about Ravelry is meeting some talented, smart and interesting people. I’ve learned that knitters are also extremely generous, whether they’re slipping some of their leftover yarn in the mail for free so you can finish that shawl or sweater, or sending delicious treats to their swap partners….