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It’s hard to believe that we have been in our current studio for three years. So much has happened! We grew out of this tiny 710-square-foot place almost six months after we moved in, if you can believe it! After that, we were constantly looking for new ways to organize and keep projects separate. Necessity is the mother of invention is our motto!!!! Our lease being up was the perfect motivation to shake everything loose and re-assess! We signed a new lease this week just a little way down the road for a space that is twice as big, and has so many awesome opportunities, I can’t wait to see what the future holds!!

The moving process in Southern California is super rigged for the affluent. It is hard to be a small biz and do all the things that are needed. It’s costly and stressful. To help us with the cash flow during this busy time, we have set up a moving sale with a different item on sale every day until we are completely moved! Your support keeps us going! Please take advantage of these awesome deals, and even if you can’t we will take all the good moving vibes you can send us!!!

I am posting up the next three days of sales here, and after that you will need to check us out on Ravelry, Facebook, Twitter and Instagram, or sign up for our newsletter.

Thank you all!!! <3

May 26, 2016

Upland Socks

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Upland from the stream stand the tall old trees, vines twisting around aged branches and gnarled roots appearing out of underbrush so dense only the occasional glimpse of the stream can be seen. The twisted cable pattern on these socks reminds me of those old branches and twisting roots, and the rows of little eyelet lace, show the occasional glint of sunlight, reflected on the nearby creek.

For years I had gotten bored before getting to the second sock, until I realized one day that a little bit of a pattern would keep my interest far longer than endless stockinette in the round! So I started adding patterns to the front of the socks, where it’s most likely to be seen, and voilà, no more second sock syndrome!

These are the perfect middle ground for those wanting a bit more than a plain sock, but would rather not deal with complex patterns worked all through the shaping of things!

These toe-up socks are worked with a bowtie heel, a version of a short row heel that I prefer to use, and tutorials for the Twin stitch short rows are linked in the pattern.

The stitch pattern on the Upland Socks is both written as well as charted in the pattern.

May 18, 2016

Yarn Bowls

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As a long-time knitter as well as a clay artist, I’ve designed and created this yarn bowl to function in several ways as you stitch. Of course, it can cradle your ball of yarn as you work — the heart-shaped handles guide any weight of yarn that can be slipped in and out if you want to take your project with you. It can also hold your favorite snack or stitching supplies when it’s not in service for your fiber project.

Each yarn bowl is hand crafted in my studio, decorated with unique textures I’ve created and finished with a bright two-color glaze process. The approximate measurements are 6 inches in diameter by 4 inches high. This whimsical stitching accessory is sure to enliven your next project!

May 17, 2016

Wear a Little Ziggy Stardust with Kim Dyes Yarn and Caroline Hockenberry

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Ziggy Stardust is one of the most popular speckled colorways by Kim Dyes Yarn — a gray background with speckles of pink, teal, and blue. Caroline Hockenberry from Fibernate transformed a skein of Ziggy Stardust into this shawlette pattern, ready to be worn to all of the concerts and shows you hit this summer. It features garter stitch and a diamond shaped lace border and is the perfect size to throw over your shoulders when you’re sitting on a lawn at night watching your favorite band.

Kim Dyes Yarn and Caroline Hockenberry are excited to be debuting this pattern at Fibernate’s Friday Knit Night on May 20th. Please visit Fibernate for more information on location and time. We are offering a 15% discount on the yarn and pattern, if purchased together at the Friday Knit Night event.

If you can’t make it Friday night or aren’t local, you may purchase the yarn (15% off) and pattern ($3.00) at kimdyesyarn.com and Caroline’s Ravelry store at the special release pricing for one week.

Til There Was You, an elegant bulky shawl

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Often using a bulky weight yarn results in a rustic look. That is fantastic, if that is what you are going for. But, it was not what I was going for with this shawl. I wanted something simple and elegant. Something warm that knit up quickly, hence the bulky yarn. But I wanted it to look refined. This refinement started with the ever so soft Crater Lake yarn from Stitch Sprouts. It has wonderful hand and drape and the simple white color of Snow had me well on the way to refined. With swatching, I discovered that this hefty weight made cables with great presence even with a 2/2 cross and the softness and bloom filled the cables in to create a wonderful field of texture in the basket weave pattern.

I didn’t want to cable the whole shawl, but I needed a way to unite a stockinette body with the textured trim. I settled on a cabled selvedge which would be both beautiful and prevent the edge from rolling. Which created the challenge of making the cable run seamlessly along the top edge because the construction was top down. The solution to that is Judy’s Magic Cast on, only worked flat. Not wanting a completely plain field, I chose to highlight the increase lines by making them lace. This wedge increasing eventually transitions into a pi-shawl increase to provide a blank slate (without increases) for the basket-weave trim.

You can easily size the shawl up and down by increasing or decreasing the number of repeats you work of the stockinette body. The rule of thumb to remember is that the trim will take about 50% of your yarn. As written, the body takes about 150 grams of yarn and then the trim takes 150 grams. If you want to knit the body for 200 grams then you will need at least 200 grams for the trim. And of course — since you are changing things on the fly, you might want to have an extra skein, just in case. 😉

May 13, 2016

Summer Blues

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When I was young, I lived where the summer temps would soar. I’ve always hated hot weather — there are only so many layers of clothing you can remove before it gets downright embarrassing! The cool nights that follow the hot days almost make the heat worthwhile, though. Almost. For years I wanted the perfect little summer sweater for those cool nights—you know the one: the sweater you can throw on over a skimpy little dress after sunset, or wear with jeans and a white top for those casual evening strolls along the shore. With Summer Blues I think I’ve finally found it. This is the sweater I wish I’d had when sitting outside in a friend’s gazebo long past midnight, having that last glass of wine before heading home.

Summer Blues is a raglan cardigan that is knit in one piece from the top down. The folded hem can be knit in a contrasting color for a little extra sizzle, and ribbon that matches the hem color, or coordinates with your dress, can be threaded through the eyelets for additional fun.

Where Fiber and Imagination Come to Play

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Middle Brook Fiberworks, housed in a restored 1800s barn amidst the scenic horse farms and historic estates Bedminster, N.J., is making its debut with the A Plied Yarn Lab, a two-day comprehensive fleece-to-yarn experience.

The two-day workshop, held on May 28 and 29, will include instruction on washing a fleece, preparing locks, and spinning. Along the way, we’ll investigate traditional methods of fleece preparation and spinning, and consider how breed, twist, and ply affect the character of a finished yarn. We’ll then apply our knowledge to explore innovative spinning techniques. We’ll card art batts that incorporate non-traditional elements such as locks, sparkle, various silks and exotic fibers, to craft art yarn with puffs, tails, beehives, and coils.

Laura Spinner, of Rainbow Twist Fibers, will make her first East Coast engagement at A Plied Yarn. On Sunday, Laura will be joined by Ginny Tullock, of Fat Cat Knits, for an exciting day of creative yarn artistry.

All materials, lunch and refreshments, along with a Middle Brook Fiberworks gift tote with fiber samples and other treats, will be included in the $350 cost. Click here for more details.

May 12, 2016

Old Favorites and New Bases

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I’ve had great fun the last couple of months trying out new bases and colourways. New to the shop are some British sourced and spun Blue Faced Leicester and Merino, both in Aran and DK weights. There are also some gorgeously soft and durable Superwash Merino Sock and High Twist Superwash BFL Sock waiting for a new adventure on someone’s needles. Also in the works is a massive restock of minis!

Knit the Rainbow

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As an artist, I am obsessed with color and finding new methods to create beautiful things. Therefore, it only seems fitting that my new stitch markers represent the rainbow of colors that I have come to love, recreated with beautiful, handmade polymer beads.

Each set comes with six markers, each of which is unique in its own way thanks to the swirling method I use to create the beads. The clay beads are accented by the use of my tradition beads as accents, allowing for an elegant finish. Perfect for size 8 needles and lower, these are snag free dangling marker that will show off anyone’s knitting!